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Whatever Happen to 5 Takes on the Travel Channel?

It was a great show

I started traveling because of a show called 5 Takes that used to be on the Travel Channel. The show was about five video journalists who travel to foreign countries living on a set budget so they had to be creative in what they can visit and eat. I sent in a video application trying to get onto the show before but never heard back from them. I guess they want more photogenic people with nice smiles like Alice from the Miss Hot Pants blog. Still, I really enjoyed the show I hope they bring it back. All Travel Channel seems to be airing these days is Man Vs Food which isn't really much of a travel show but a food show that the Food Network probably didn't want.

I am already packing up my camera gear for Hong Kong. My trusty Canon EOS 5D is ready to take pictures of the beautiful HK skyline from the harbor and way up on the tram. I'm going to bring some extra batteries because last time I forgot to bring a spare and wasn't able to take as much pictures as I wanted until I got back to the hostel and charged the battery. So my tip when traveling is to always bring a spare camera battery.

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So Hong Kong It Is

A destination finally decided

It has been decided I will head to Hong Kong for my next trip. It will be either before or after Chinese New Year because the price of airfare to HK skyrockets during that time. Chinese New Year is of course the biggest Chinese holiday with many flyers going to and from Hong Kong to spend time with their families. I'm happy to report that two more people will be coming with me, including my dear Moon Moon who seems bored enough to jot down a list about Baby Teeth and such. He wants to go about and travel outside the country and this will be a perfect opportunity for him to do so.

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Perhaps Traveling to Hong Kong

I love skyscrapers


I was watching a documentary last night about Hong Kong and I thought maybe I should visit HK again even though I've been there before. I wasn't there long enough to see everything I wanted and told some friends I made in Kowloon that I would visit them again one day. It looks like that day might be sooner than expected.

To make it interesting, I thought about staying at Chungking in HK, which is a rather dingy place to stay at but there is much history there and it is a melting pot of many different ethnicities besides chinese.

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Where To Go?

The beginnings of a plan

I have not traveled in ages and right now I'm in the process of picking a place to visit. My friends suggest I go to Thailand since it's inexpensive and affordable. It's a safe choice but I would like to travel to somewhere more metropolitan. Kyoto and Tokyo comes to mind but it's the exact opposite in terms of affordability compared to Thailand.

I'll most likely be traveling with my cousin Thomas who has a lot of time on his hands.


My friend took this picture when she was in Tokyo a couple of years ago.

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